Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your depots located?

We have depots in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Kaikoura, Greymouth, Timaru, Queenstown, Cromwell, Wanaka, Dunedin and Gore. Which means we can deliver your container from a location close to you.

The price of your container will depend upon the location you require the containers to be delivered to. Contact us today to discover our great 20ft container prices for your area.

Alternatively if it’s easier for you we would be happy to email you example photos of stock.

How secure are the shipping containers

Shipping containers are very secure. They are generally a great deterrent to thieves as the are difficult to break into. Most containers are locked using padlocks through the door handles. For extra security our containers come fitted with a lock box, which effectively is a steel box welded to the front doors in which a container padlock can be fitted and can not be assessed via bold cutters.

Which colours are available?

Popular shipping container colours are beige, blue and black, but we also have other colours subject to stock availability.

How old is the container?

Cubex only supply new build containers. Sometimes referred to as one trip containers,” A” or Dairy grade or ex-factory units, our containers have made a single journey from the country of manufacture and subject to stock levels are conveniently available for purchase from one of our depots. As with all one trip containers, it is inevitable that they may have slight bumps or scuffs consistent with the initial trip from the factory to our depot.

Do you buy containers back?

Yes we certainly do.
Container prices move up and down in the market based on factors such as supply and demand and dollar exchange rates.
Contact us when you are ready to sell and we will endeavour to offer a competitive price – plus even arrange collection.

What are the dimensions of my container?

For a full list of container dimensions visit the Container Types page.

10 Foot for Sale

External measurements are: Length: 3m, Wide 2.4m, Height 2.6m.

20 Foot for Sale

External measurements are: Length: 6m, Wide: 2.4m, Height 2.6m.

40 Foot for Sale

External measurements are:Length: 12m, Wide: 2.4m, Height: 2.6m.

Do you also hire containers?

Yes, subject to stock availability.
Maybe you decide that hiring a container is a better option for you, if so we can help you with that.
Alternatively another cost effective option is that you may wish to buy the container and then resell it when you are finished.

How long before my container is delivered?

As soon as we receive payment we will contact you to arrange a convenient day for you to receive delivery.

Does the container just sit on the ground?

We recommend placing shipping containers level, to ensure easy opening of the doors. At the same time we recommend the containers should be sitting off the ground on level blocks to allow air flow under the floor.

What are the payment terms?

We request full payment before our containers can be released from our depots.

Do I need council permission?

Every council is different and has its own regulations on containers. It is recommended that you give your local council a call before making a purchase or arranging to hire a container.

What about condensation in the container?

Like any enclosed space, condensation is a possibility. Our shipping containers are fitted with air vents to allow for air circulation which helps prevent condensation and assists the breathing of the container. Dependent upon what is stored in the container, we recommend regular opening of the unit to allow airing, especially if you have personal effects stored. It is important that nothing is stored in the unit that contains moisture for any length of time i.e. wet material. Make sure fridges/freezers are completely defrosted and dried out.